Saving Our Planet One Light At A Time
Member of: USGBC 


The past few years the lighting industry has witnessed a huge influx of products flooding the market by quick start-ups, trading companies and Chinese factories that had put together unreliable components while making unattainable and unrealistic hyped claims. We take pride in giving our clients actual assessments and backing our product ratings and specifications by  actual scientific test results. This might mean that our technical specifications may not be as stunning as the rest in the industry; however, the fact remains that their numbers are nothing but fictitious.

Our company is built on the principles of delivering state of the art quality products, reliable service and professional integrity.

Our services include consulting, designing and delivering full turnkey projects in the areas:

  • Office buildings
  • Institutions
  • Industrial
  • Large residential projects
  • Retail

Our experienced staff will work to deliver  the most efficient, reliable and affordable solutions for your projects. What ever your needs are we will be able to design a new or  upgrade/retrofit an existing system for a seamless solution.

Our unique and diverse background can assure a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.